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Thread: HW/SW Compatibility between cluster members

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    Default HW/SW Compatibility between cluster members

    I am looking for some implementation guides and best practices for upgrading a Checkpoint firewall as follows:

    Current Platform:

    Standalone SPLAT Appliance - VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) R70.30 - Build 008
    U-40 UTM-1 3070, Product Name: U-40-00

    Upgrading to:
    Clustered GAIA Appliances - VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) R75.40 - Build 275
    T-120 Check Point 4200, Product Name: T-120-00

    Our goal is to develop an implementation plan whereby we can minimize downtime as much as possible. A cutover scenario where the new cluster is staged and we simply perform hot cut would cause all connections to drop. Instead, we are looking at creating a 3 member cluster with the disparate hw/sw versions, then perform a non-impactful failover to the new cluster members. Any solution guides for this type of upgrade plan would be very beneficial.

    Is there some kind of compatibility matrix that explains the hw/sw requirements for this process ?

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    Default Re: HW/SW Compatibility between cluster members

    I don't think that is going to work because clusterxl keeps track of hardware information and i know for sure memory size as we upgraded some ram on a open server and it put the firewall into ready state. Not only that, but i not sure you can even sync the connctions table from 71 to 75. Look for the install_and_upgrade_guide for R75 if you want all the upgrade options.

    BTW, you know that your new box is slower then your old box right? It might have more memory, but CPU wise check this out.

    Go here

    then here

    Granted, you'll have 4 gig of ram, but if you aren't running low on ram on your old box your not buying anything.

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