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Thread: Cluster Replacement

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    Default Cluster Replacement

    Hello guys
    I havent been able to find an answer to my pretty basic question. I have a cluster of 2 ip 690, that I have to replace by a cluster of 2 21400 fw. I was planning on building this 2ndary cluster aside of the main one, with new admin ip addresses, but keeping the same upper and lower ip addresses, and activating network interfaces the day of the switch off.
    One colleague told me that as both clusters will have the same topology, I wouldn't be able to push my configuration on it.

    I haven't got the possibility to test that in a lab, so i was wondering if any of you had already tried that kind of method to replace firewalls.



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    Default Re: Cluster Replacement

    You wouldn't WANT to push policy to the new Cluster as if using the same IP for the Cluster would suddenly have two Clusters on the Network with the same Cluster IP.

    Personally what I would do is

    1.) Build the New 21400 Appliances with the same IP addresses, and Names.
    2.) Update the Cluster Information with the correct OS and Appliance Model, and Software Version, Cluster Type etc
    3.) Update the Topology in the Cluster to reflect the change of Interface names
    4.) Power Off the backup IP690
    5.) On the Secondary Cluster Member Object reset SIC Dashboard
    6.) Establish SIC with the 21400 that is Secondary Cluster Member, connect it into the network as well.
    7.) Install Policy to Cluster , make sure you disable the check where says if fails on one do not install. This will then install to the Secondary Cluster but fail on the Primary Unit
    8.) Disable / Remove Primary IP690 from Network
    9.) This should force the 21400 to become active
    10.) Test Connectivity through 21400
    11.) Install second 21400 and establish SIC etc, Install Policy to Cluster

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    Default Re: Cluster Replacement

    Thank you for your answer mister.
    In fact, what I wanted to know was: is it possible to create the new cluster with different management addresses, but same topology on other interfaces (we'll activate network interfaces linked to the new fw the day we'll switch to the 21400 cluster), and be able to push my configuration on both clusters.


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