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Thread: checkpoint cluster and router with vrrp

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    Default checkpoint cluster and router with vrrp

    Would like to know some inputs.....

    i have a checkpoint cluster installed using 4400 appliance, at the same time, i have a routers with VRRP configured,

    Is it necessary to connect a L2 switch between appliance and firewall, or can i connect directly - cross connections for redundancy.

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    Default Re: checkpoint cluster and router with vrrp

    Plug together using a L2 Switch.

    FW1 and FW2 interfaces need to be able to send VRRP packets between each other so they have to be able to see each other.

    ie FW1 External interface sends out VRRP updates on the LAN. This is recieved on the FW2 External Interface and FW2 see's that FW1 has a higher priority and so FW1 should be Master. FW2 therefore remains as Backup. If FW2 does not get the VRRP updates from FW1 then it sees that itself is the higher priority and so will become Active.

    If you connect FW1 to Router1 directly then FW1 and FW2 External Interface cannot see each other, so would get an Active-Active scenario.

    If your Router as a Switch built into it, ( like consumer home broadband routers do ) so that can have multiple interfaces in the same VLAN then you could.

    Router1 to Router2 Direct.
    R1 to FW1 Direct
    R2 to FW2 Direct

    FW1 to FW2 therefore goes

    FW1 External into R1 Switch, R1 Switch across to R2 Switch, R2 Switch into FW2 External.

    However you MUST have this switch capability built into the Router.

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