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Thread: Open Server to Smart-1 migration of policies

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    Default Open Server to Smart-1 migration of policies

    Hi CP experts,

    I would like to ask if it is possible to migrate a open server management policies with a Smart-1 Management server. Scenario is I have an exisiting Smart-1 that is on R75 managing a clustered FW's, and I have a Management server(open server running on R65) I want my migrate the policies and upgrade the version of the firewalls and the management server to R75 so I will be using the Smart-1. Is this possible or anyway to do it?


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    Default Re: Open Server to Smart-1 migration of policies

    The Management Migration Tools will upgrade the policies/database on the Management Server to R75 however they would overwrite the existing installation.

    What you will need to do is

    1.) Upgrade the existing OpenServer to R75 ( same release as on SMART-1 ) managing the same Firewalls as does now.
    2.) Use the cp_merge tools to export the database, users and policies from the upgraded Open Server
    3.) Use the cp_merge tools to merge the users, database and policies into the SMART-1
    4.) Establish Management Connection between Gateways and SMART-1 by resetting SIC and establishing SIC connectivity to SMART-1.
    5.) Upgrade Gateways to R75 as normal now that managed by SMART-1.

    cp_merge only works when the export and import are on the same version, ie R75 and R75, R75.47 and R75.47
    The cp_merge process requires you to manually add the user groups from the OpenServer into the SMART-1 as uses the fwm dbexport command and fwm dbexport which does not carry the group information

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