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Thread: Fresh Install R77 GAIA hitting 01140137

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    Default Fresh Install R77 GAIA hitting 01140137

    Good morning,
    First my appologies if I am puting this in the wrong section of your forum.

    I did a fresh install of two 4400 appliances with GAIA R77 and one Smart 1 with R77.
    After the installation I ran the frst time wizzard and once done rebooted the appliances.
    Then I created a HA cluster added the freshly installed members and licenced the appliances.
    I have now created a rule and pushed this to the box from the smart appliance.
    I receive an error:
    "/opt/CPsuite-RXX/fw1/conf/Policy_Name.pf", line N: ERROR: Duplicate keys in table 'cluster_members_ids_by_ips'
    "/opt/CPsuite-RXX/fw1/conf/Policy_Name.pf", line N: ERROR: Duplicate keys in table 'cluster_members_ips_by_local_ip'
    Which is refferenced
    https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...tionid=sk92966 and should be fixed

    Policy installation fails when configured Unnumbered VTI interfaces in ClusterXL members with errors:
    "/opt/CPsuite-RXX/fw1/conf/Policy_Name.pf", line N: ERROR: Duplicate keys in table 'cluster_members_ids_by_ips'
    "/opt/CPsuite-RXX/fw1/conf/Policy_Name.pf", line N: ERROR: Duplicate keys in table 'cluster_members_ips_by_local_ip'

    The second error I get is
    Error compiling IPv6 flavor
    I do not use IPv6.

    Has anyone seen this or perhaps knows how to help me?
    I already asked my vendor to open a ticket with checkpoint but since I do not want to be stuck waiting am trying here in your forum.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    Removing the dup interface solved the issue!
    Last edited by Remcog; 2013-11-27 at 07:58. Reason: Fixed

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