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Thread: tcpdump on X-80 vapgroup

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    Default tcpdump on X-80 vapgroup

    I am having issue with tcpdump executed in a vapgroup on X-80. The filters src; dst; proto; host are not working. I can only run the command on a specific interface and grep for the needed IP address but this is not very effective... i just need to be able to sniff for traffic b/w specific src and dst..

    I will appreciate any advice if the command is intentionally limited or there are some other options and arguments to run it. :)

    the Checkpoint version running on the APM is Check Point VPN-1(TM) & FireWall-1(R) R75.40 - Build 275.
    It is not VSX, only 1 firewall is running on our APM.

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    Default Re: tcpdump on X-80 vapgroup

    Old thread, but hey - you get an answer :)

    If you are trying to capture traffic on a particular VLAN interface you will have to add the VLAN key word, with the "AND" and whatever other filters you need. For example use the following command to capture traffic too and from host on interface int2.101 :-

    tcpdump -i int2.101 vlan and host

    Without the VLAN keyword you will not see any traffic.

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