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Thread: TCP connection issue

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    Default TCP connection issue

    Address object X_Server is created with IP X.x.x.x, and the same has been binded to firewall policy no 10. when I query the address object its displaying, but on active policy tab rule number 10 is not displaying. Moreover we are facing issue while intiating a connectivity to remote server. Please revert if you have any inputs.

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    any idea, is my query understandable ?

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    Can you list contents of rule 10? IE is the X_Server in source or destination?

    Using the "Active" tab in Smartview Tracker is not recommended due to the load it puts on the gateway. You should be OK with using the default Network & Endpoint log view to see if the traffic is allowed outbound to the remote server. If you do not see a log entry, then it could be a routing problem on X_Server
    Its all in the documentation.

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