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Thread: incoming through 'MGMT' and outgoing through 'DATA' under anti-spoofing 'detect' mode

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    Default incoming through 'MGMT' and outgoing through 'DATA' under anti-spoofing 'detect' mode

    Hi All.

    I'm having a concen for anti-spoofing configuration on firewall.

    we have router to manage over the firewall. also, the Jump server need to access both router and firewall as well.

    on firewall, there are having two interface. the one is for data, the other one is for MGMT interface. and anti-spoofing is configured as action set to 'prevent' to both interface.

    from Jump server, Jump server will head to firewall mgmt interface IP address, and will head to router loopback interface to manage per each through MGMT interface.

    we have a challenge to consolidation these two interface to one interface. I will follow following steps

    1. copy mgmt interface anti-spoofing object to data interface. and keep anti-spoofing object in mgmt interface with keep anti-spoofing configuration as 'detect', not drop any traffics
    2. change back to jump server routing from mgmt interface to data interface.

    If so, I think there is no issue to access router from Jump server over the firewall through new managmeent interface. However, if Jump server is needed to reach fireall mgmt interface, then, the traffic would be going in 'MGMT' and will be out through 'DATA' interface.

    is this situation, is there no issue to access from jump server to firewall mgmt interface? the key point of my concerns is going in 'MGMT', and outgoing to 'DATA' under MGMT interface anti-spoofing action as 'detect' mode.

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    Default Re: incoming through 'MGMT' and outgoing through 'DATA' under anti-spoofing 'detect'

    I don't entirely understand your explanation. I did understand that you're trying to eliminate one of these two interfaces; Mgmt or DATA.

    The primary principle of Anti-spoofing is, Anti-Spoofing configuration should mirror your routing table specific to that interface.
    Anti-spoofing only examines the Source IP of inbound packets.

    Since you're trying to rid yourself of one of these two interfaces, I'd suggest that you look at the routes that exit these two interfaces, and combine them into a single Group. Then attach that group to both interface's Anti-spoofing. Simple as that.

    1. List networks that route out of Mgmt and/or Data. Include directly connected subnet(s).
    2. Create Network objects for the above networks.
    3. Put the above network objects into a group; we'll call it SPF-firewallname-Mgmt
    4. In the anti-spoofing of Mgmt; use the Specific group of SPF-firewallname-Mgmt
    5. In the anti-spoofing of DATA; use the Specific group of SPF-firewallname-Mgmt

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