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Thread: Web visualisation tool

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    Default Web visualisation tool

    I have downloaded the above onto my GUI Windows XP client ( my workstation) and insalled it with the result as below:

    F:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R55\PROGRAM>cpdb2htm l . F:\ <SmartCenter Server ip> admin passwd

    Querying tables...

    Processing table SmartDefense Policy ...Finished
    Processing table Communities ...Finished
    Processing table FireWall Policies ...Finished
    Processing table Network Objects ...Finished
    Processing table Services ...Finished
    Processing table Users ...Finished

    1 file(s) copied.
    1 file(s) copied.

    Removing temporary directory...

    But when I go to the index.xml which is in the folder of where I installed it from, it comes up only with

    Index, Checkpoint Logo and the Web Visulization header, nothing else. It is as if there is nothing in it.

    In addition, Internet Explorer does not open it so I had to use Firefox.
    Please help.

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    Default Re: Web visualisation tool

    I run cpdb2htm locally from an XP machine, it's installed in the same dir as smart console. Use this command below to run the app.

    From a DOS prompt:

    cpdb2html C:\PROGRA~1\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R55\PROGRAM C:\temp\cpweb <smartcenter IP> <admin ID> <password> web-vir-output.htm

    Output can be found here:

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    Default Re: Web visualisation tool

    Hi Ddi you get this working, im having the same or a very similar issue. I have unzipped the tool into the program directory under c:\"program files"checkpoint\smartconsole\r61\program\

    this creates and xsl dir under program and an xml under program\xsl

    when i run the following command from the program directory in DOS

    cpdb2web -s (smartcentre ip ) -u admin id -p admin password -l ( firewall policy package name ) -gr -go ( to exclude global objects ) and get the headers and html only.

    Can anybody help

    any help would be much appreciatedd

    thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Web visualisation tool

    I had issiues like this using IE. Try Firefox instead.


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