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Thread: SmartEndPoint GUI crahses at startup

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    Default SmartEndPoint GUI crahses at startup

    installed fresh R75.40 Gaia with foxx_hf_ha40_041 (on a virtual machine based on VMware ESXi 5.1.0)
    Then installed EPS Server E80.40
    installed correct license
    Started SmartEndPoint and created the AD Scanner
    Retrieved all AD objects
    All is fine

    Wanted to continue today
    When starting the SmartEndPoint GUI, it crashes

    cpstop/cpstart lists EPS Sever beeing stopped/started sucessfully.
    Any ideas about what's going wrong?

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    Default Re: SmartEndPoint GUI crahses at startup

    Got it finally!!
    Need to run the SmartEndpoint GUI as Admiistrator once solves the issue
    Other parts of SmartConsole (such as SmartView Monitor) are known to produce some unpredictible results or error messages, but just crashing is weird.

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