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Thread: Difference in SmartView Tracker log and Capture log..

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    Default Difference in SmartView Tracker log and Capture log..


    This is very basic question, but require some concrete info..
    I just want to know the difference between SmartView tracker logs and Capture logs which is taken by FW monitor & Tcpdump command.

    Because sometime traffic capturing using theses commands are not shown in smartview tracker, so confusing that traffic passing through the firewall on not..??


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    Default Re: Difference in SmartView Tracker log and Capture log..

    Tracker typically only show one "session" of an event.

    Capture logs will show the TCP handshake and any additional streaming packets associated with the session.

    A good example is if you SSH into the firewall, tracker will only have one line item whereas an fw monitor will constantly be showing the back and forth TCP communication. The caveat is if you're using SecureXL (aka Performance Pack) to accelerate traffic--if you are, then the difference is that the fw monitor may not show the back and forth TCP communication, only the initial handshake.

    Its all in the documentation.

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