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Thread: Gaia backup strategy

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    Default Gaia backup strategy

    Looking for input on gaia backup best practice.

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    Default Re: Gaia backup strategy

    Same as for SecurePlatform


    Use the built in backup solution to backup the Gateway information.
    Document as well the interface / routing / dns/ hostname, ntp etc
    Doucment any changes made to files, ie isp redundnancy configuration etc.

    Management Server:

    Use the built in backup solition to back up the Management Server
    Also use the Migrate Export to export the Security Management Database / Policies etc
    Use the Web Visualization Tool to take web viewable exports of the security policy
    Use cpinfo to be able to view policies etc through infoview/dashboard if you are a partner and have access to infoview.
    Document the interface/ routing/ hostname/ dns etc of the host machine.
    Document file edits you make, ie the user.def files or crypt.def files that may have modified so that can recreate if neccessary.

    If MDS then modify the migrate export to use the mdsbackup utility to export the mds configuration instead.

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