Hi there,

In my topology I have several clusters (around 40) registered to an MDS. I also have the SmartView Reporter solution installed.

I'm eliminating as many unused rules as possible and improving the usage of the public addresses, including NAT rules. I have couple of issues:

  • My logs get to 1GB in approx 1 hour, then I have a log switch. That's why it's not practical to use the SmartView tracker to identify who is using what public IP address
  • Some services use their public NATs quarterly, half a year or yearly.

Although I'm able to identify which public IP addresses have accepted hits using SmartView Reporter, I haven't been able to map those IP addresses to internal IP's through the reports.The only way to collect reliable information is using the SmartView reporter. However, the next step is to map 1 by 1 the internal IP addresses. I've been able to identify the internal IP addresses of published services (Static NAT), however the real issue is identifying the NAT Hide that internal IP addresses are using.

I wonder if there was a report or another trick that I can generate to map internal to public IP address in both directions, inbound and outbound.