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Thread: [Gaia] SNMPd crash upon topology change

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    Default [Gaia] SNMPd crash upon topology change

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to warn about Gaia R75.45 (and R75.40 too I guess) SNMP configuration. It is quite nice to configure the agent addresses directly from WebUI. But I got my SNMPd always crashing at startup after a topology change. In fact, the agent address list from UI is taken from your current topology, but not the agent addresses actually used to generate /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file. So my snmpd.conf had both the old and new address as shown here:


    So basically, unless you think about removing your interface from active agent addresses before an IP update, you'll have to use "delete snmp address xxxx" from clish to get rid of deprecated addresses on your server/gateway. Do not edit the snmp.conf file as the old IP with reappear at each config save you make under clish / webUI.

    Just warned Checkpoint about it. No harm done but it can save you some time.


    Edit : Did a mistake in the thread title. Should have been "[Gaia] SNMPd crash upon topology CHANGE" but can't edit that one.
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    Default Re: [Gaia] SNMPd crash upon topology change

    (fixed the thread title)
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    Default Re: [Gaia] SNMPd crash upon topology change


    This error should be fixed by Check Point in future. today I get in to this error also. My CP is GAIA ver 75.45.
    I found out the error in var/log/snmpd.log tell that one IP cannot be found when start snmpd service, and the service cannot start. I realized those IPs is my old ones, I has changed them before. In clish mode config I use command "show configuration snmp" and see those old IP still in config file... What the hell???
    To fix this problem, first I delete the old config lines, and edit /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file, stop, start service snmp. It worked like a charm.


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