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First, I hope you're all well and staying safe.
Second, I want to give a "heads up" that you should see more activity here shortly, and maybe a few cosmetic changes.
I'll post more details to the "Announcements" forum soon, so be on the lookout. -E


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Thread: Looks like R75.46 got released today

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    Default Looks like R75.46 got released today

    A search in SK turned up a lot of downloads dated Feb. 10, 2013.

    What's new: https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...oduct=Identity

    What's New in R75.46

    Windows 8 support for SmartConsole/SmartDomain Manager.

    SmartEvent performance improvements - SmartEvent increased three times. For details, see sk87263.

    Support for new 21600 platform and Security Acceleration Module.

    Gaia Automatic Software Updates usability enhancements.

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    Default Re: Looks like R75.46 got released today

    Still no upgrade for R75.40VS. So much for unifying the codebase.

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