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Thread: Activating DLP Breaks All Manual NATs

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    Default Activating DLP Breaks All Manual NATs

    We have a client running R75.30 on SPLAT. The cluster is a pair of 4200 series CP appliances and we are struggling with an open check Point case wherein every time we activate the DLP blade, it breaks all manual NAT entries. We are still working with Check Point on this but I was curious to see if anyone else experienced these issues. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Activating DLP Breaks All Manual NATs

    Disable SecureXL if it isn't already.

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    Default Re: Activating DLP Breaks All Manual NATs

    DLP shouldn't interfere with NAT.

    We have many manual nat entries and have DLP as well. SecureXL is also on.

    Our setup is on R75.45 Gaia.

    How are the policies for DLP setup, do you have proper contract/licenses on the box?

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