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Thread: Error installing fw policy

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    Default Error installing fw policy


    I am running Gaia 75.40 with EndPoint Security 80.40. When I try to install the Firewall policy I get the error:

    Server Error
    An internal server fault has occured
    Please contact your administrator for help

    Saving the policy is no problem. The error seems to be in the Inbound rule base. When I set Inbound to Allow Any and save it, I am able to install the policy.
    This is already the 2nd time I ran into this and I don't want to setup the rules again like I did the 1st time.

    Any thoughts?

    Chiel Varkevisser

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    Default Re: Error installing fw policy

    I found out that 2 of the predefined services have an erroneous syntax. Both the tcp-high-ports and udp-high-ports definitions contained '>1023' in the port field. The '>' character is not allowed in the field syntax. When I changed it to 1024-65535 the issue was solved.

    Best regards,
    Chiel Varkevisser

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