I am trying to install the R60 Web Visualisation Tool on a R60 SPLAT Management Server so that I can export the rulebase for analysis. The software has been downloaded from Check Point and successfully copied over and un-tarred etc in accordance with the instructions.

I have SSH'd into the Management Server and input the following command:
./cpdb2html.csh /home/admin/web /home/admin/web/html <mngt server IP> <mngt server username> <mngt server passwd>
All necessary directories etc have been created and I am being presented with the following error message at output:
/hoome/admin/web/cpdb2web: /home/admin/web/cpdb2web: cannot execute binary file
failed to get data from management server <mngt server IP>
rm: No match

Is anyone able to please offer any assistance as to how I can resolve this?

Many thanks in anticipation.