I have the R75.40 in the test environment.
Organization include a Domain Controller (Win2008R2), a UserPC (Win7Pro) and an SMTP server (as a feature of Win2008R2). All nodes are connected to Internal port, External port connected to the Internet. SMTP server defined as a mail relay.
The simple DLP policy with a keyword was made. Source: MyOrg, Dest: Any, Action: Ask User, Track: Log.
The HTTPS inspection switched on, outbound certificate installed to all nodes.
Predefined rule is in force.
Than I use a browser to post the keyword to any social network or Web email service, I get a User Check notification and I see the record in the smart tracker. But if I use Thunderbird client and IM messager to send the keyword - nothing happens. Messages pass the GW without inspection, no notifications, no records in tracker.
Ok, I defined the new HTTPS inspection policy with additional "TCP smtp" and "TCP AOL" services. In this case no one message can be sent with or without keyword. All mails stuck in the special folder on the SMTP server. And no notifications and records in the tracker appears. The IM messager unable to login.
What I do wrong?