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Thread: using bonding interfaces in Virtual Systems

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    Default using bonding interfaces in Virtual Systems

    Hi everybody,

    We have a VSX 9070 cluster running NGX R67. We have created a bond following the VSX R67 Admin Guide and it seems to be sucessfull:

    # cphaconf show_bond bond0

    Bond name: bond0
    Bond mode: Load Sharing
    Bond status: UP
    Balancing mode: 802.3ad Layer3+4 Load Balancing
    Configured slave interfaces: 2
    In use slave interfaces: 2
    Required slave interfaces: 1

    Slave name | Status | Link
    Exp2-2 | Active | Yes
    Exp2-3 | Active | Yes

    The problem is that when we try to use that "bond0" interface in "Virtual Systems>>topology>>add interface", the new interface does not show up, we only can see the physical ones, still shows Exp2-2 and Exp2-3. Do we have to do something to be able to use the bond0 interface in our VSs?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Default Re: using bonding interfaces in Virtual Systems

    Sorry, forget about this. Found how to do it in VSX admin guide. Shame on me!

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