I've recently discovered that comcast has turned on IPv6 on my cable modem service.

I'm able to get an IPv6 IP via DHCP. I'm also able to request an IPv6 prefix delegation.

It occurred to me that small sites will want to use this functionality.

Is anyone aware of how CheckPoint small office gateways handle prefix delegation. My guess is not at all.
DSL users will also be able to use this, since IPv6 prefix delegation can also be provided via PPPoE.


This also starts a much larger thought process around site-to-site VPNs between sites using dynamic prefix delegations. How are sites B and C to know the new prefix delegation being used by site A. Since there only one IPv6 address field in CheckPoint objects, the simultaneous use of ULA and public IPv6 addresses will be difficult to say the least. Looks like IPv6 host and IPv6 gateway objects will need to be re-thought to allow multiple IPs on the General Tab.. Ultimately, there shouldn't be separate IPv4 and IPv6 object types.