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Thread: Add and change sync network in VSX

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    Default Add and change sync network in VSX

    Q1: How can I modify the netmask of an existing sync network in a VSX-1 Cluster?
    Q2:How can I add a 2nd sync network?

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    Default Re: Add and change sync network in VSX

    Found it. It's in the GUI under topology.
    Tested in the LAB with Gaia VSX R75.40VS.
    The second sync does not work in my config. I also re-bootet the whole cluster after having added the 2nd sync interface. Without re-booting, it does NOT show up in the SmartView Monitor, with a re-boot, it is beeing displayed in the SmartView Monitor.
    tcpdumping shows sync traffic on both sync interfaces (I used physical interfaces "Sync" and "Lan1").
    But when I disconnect the 1st sync crosssover Cable, the VSX cluster shows:

    Idefix:0> cphaprob state

    Cluster Mode: Virtual System Load Sharing

    Number Unique Address Assigned Load State

    1 (local) 100% Active Attention
    2 0% Down

    Cluster name: Gallier

    Virtual Devices Status on each Cluster Member

    ID | Weight| Idefix | Obelix
    | | [local] |
    1 | 10 | Active! | Down
    2 | 10 | Down | Active!
    3 | 10 | Active! | Down
    4 | 10 | Down | Active!
    5 | 10 | Active! | Down
    Active | 3 | 2
    Weight | 30 | 20
    Weight (%) | 60 | 40

    Legend: Init - Initializing, Active! - Active Attention
    Down! - ClusterXL Inactive or Virtual System is Down


    Re-attaching the 1st sync cable brings ths cluster back to normal operation.
    Has anyone ever sucessfully tested such a sync failover?

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    Default Re: Add and change sync network in VSX

    Did you check the documentation and release notes?

    I remember that for R67 VSX a second sync was not supported, even if it was possible to define it, and that fact was mentioned in release notes or known limitations.

    - Petter

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