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Thread: Best way to restore a backup

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    Default Best way to restore a backup

    This is probably an easy answer but would like other people input. I have baackup taken on a R70.1 Smart-1 applaince via a scheduled backup created in the WebUI. Pretty straight forward so far. Is it possible to restore this backup using upgrade_import? Im restoring to same appliace (or new applanice) after it has been rebuilt after a hardware failure. Same version in being used as the version whent he backup was taken. I know using the restore process would be the better way to do it however Im really more curious than anything on the other options available. Does a backup file work with upgrade_import or are they specific they must be used with the restore process?


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    Backups can only be restored using the 'restore' process, not upgrade_import. Do do a restore, you would have to load the same OS and patch level and complete the first time config wizard, and then you should be able to restore your backup file.

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    Default Re: Best way to restore a backup


    upgrade_import/upgrade_export are usefull to export/import the database. It doesn't restore the machine's state (interfaces, routing, admin users etc...).
    It only restores database (rulebase, Checkpoint users/GUI etc...)

    Usually, we use upgrade_tools with the management database and the backup/restore process with the gateways.

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    Default Re: Best way to restore a backup

    So 'migrate' is only for management, like SmartCenter, and backup/restore is to restore to a gateway running the same Checkpoint version?
    If so, what is now the recommended way to export your running config (interfaces, routes, certs, etc) for import to a gateway running a later version?
    I realise you can do an insitu upgrade via Smartupdate or even the web gui. But that doesnt help with moving to new hardware.

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