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Thread: Policy installation takes long on R70

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    Default Policy installation takes long on R70


    On a standalone R70 SPLAT , mostly policy installation takes too long (minutes). After rebooting the firewall mostly it takes shorter for a time. What can be the problem and how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Policy installation takes long on R70

    Was my response to your similar post not sufficient?


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    Default Re: Policy installation takes long on R70

    I'd recommend running the top command from the CLI while installing policy, and try to isolate if any resource/process is taking a large number of resources during the install (memory, CPU, etc). Since this is standalone install, you already have the server performing the additional load of processing traffic on top of all the management tasks such as logging. I've seen this often with UTM appliances that are often undersized in standalone deployment, especially when users try to run multiple blades (Firewall, VPN, Mobile Access, Identity Awareness). Depending on the version of R70 you're currently running, you could also be encountering issues with process memory leaks or other software bugs that have been resolved in newer code.

    Hope this helps.

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