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Thread: VPN-1 Edge Secure Remote Win 7 question

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    Default VPN-1 Edge Secure Remote Win 7 question

    I've never been able to get any Secure remote software above R60 to work with my VPN-1 Edge routers. This has not really been a problem becuase I've always had Win XP on my laptops. I'm not wanting to take my Lenovo X301 to Win 7 64 bit and found there was no R60 version for 64 bit.

    Is there an answer to this problem? Right now I've installed Win 7 32 bit on my laptop, but it has a lot of limitations (addressable system memory etc). Would really like to use the 64 bit version but being able to VPN into my VPN-1's is an absolute requirement.

    Without having to do the whole XP virtual machine on Win 7 Ultimate, is there any way to use Win 7 64 Bit with a checkpoint secur remote client that works with VPN-1 Edge routers?



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    Default Re: VPN-1 Edge Secure Remote Win 7 question

    Going through the release notes then the E75.10 and the E75.20 Release notes have both been updated since initial release dropping support for the UTM-1 Egde devices as a gateway.

    I don't have the origonal release for the E75.20, but the E75.10 showed support on Edges based on firmware 8.3 ( which is not out yet ), so I am reading into this that the Edge Devices Remote Access capability will be slowly dropped, and that you will need to remote access into the main office, with a full gateway, (ie non-Edge) and then use the VPN Routing function to route out to the branch office from the main office.

    The End Point Connect R73 HFA1 client is supposed to work with Edge Firmware 8.1.37 or higher, although when using that with a full gateway then requires a Secure Client / Remote Access VPN Blade client license to work. Wether it requires a license on the Management Server to work or not I could not tell you as the Edges required you to maintain seperate user databases for remote access on them so I have tended to deploy the remote access via the main office and then vpn route out to the network behind the edge.

    As such if you only use Remote Access into Edges then you might want to look at the R73 HFA1 client and test to see if works for you. When you download there is a line stating that the E75 series clients has replaced this, but you can still download the R73 clients, and I am not sure what the TAC support status is with the R73 Connect Client, so this may be dead end for you. I don't know if you have a full gateway that could do the VPN routing with.


    Is the download link to the R73 HFA1 End Point Connect. The R73 HFA3 etc are for the End Point Security R73 rather then End Point Connect R73.

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