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Thread: CCSE R71 uplift from NXG

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    Default CCSE R71 uplift from NXG

    Hello Chap,

    How does one go about uplifting ones CCE in NGX to r71 .
    According to Checkpoint it's one uplift exam , 156-915.71 that's 70 question in 90 minutes.
    According to what I have read here you have to uplift you CCSA to r71 first.
    Also , according to here it's 120+ qquestions.
    Checkpoint as clear as mud on this one , when asked they pointed me at their website.
    Can anyone give me any clues ?
    Also, Anyone where you can get the training material , there is no R71 books ANYWHERE to purchase.
    Can get exams cheats but I wan to do it properly .

    Any advice would be greatly received.

    Many Thanks


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    Default Re: CCSE R71 uplift from NXG

    It seems pretty clear from Check Point's website that all you need to do is pass the 156-915.71 exam, and the Security Expert Update Training Blade (which is a self-guided class delivered online) is the recommended preparation. The CCSA class has not really changed all that much from R65 to R71 so I don't see why Check Point would want you to refresh your CCSA as well, can you please cite the threads where you saw this assertion?

    As far as exam dumps I doubt they will be as helpful as you think. Feedback I've received from students indicates that of the hundreds of test questions they acquire only 2-3 of them appear on the real exam. Most of the dumps out there are based on a compromised version of the R65 exam (even though they may claim they are for R71 or later) and the exams were completely redone for the R70 release as a result. The official Check Point practice CBTs available for free from their website will be way more useful.

    Finally I still have some new copies of the CCSE R70/R71 books available for sale here:


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    Default Re: CCSE R71 uplift from NXG

    Thanks for the reply ShadowPeak .
    I read some threads on this board that alluded to having to uprate your CCSA first, can't remember where though it did confuse me hence my post.
    Thanks for clearing up what I need to do , did not intepret what you did from the Checkpoint board so it has really helped.
    Would never rely on dumps alone as that one comes back to bite you quite hard.
    Thanks for the offer of exam materials, would love them but it's out of my price range at the moment me being a lowly self funding contractor.

    Again thanks for reply and all the help .


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