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Thread: Bandwidth limits for various networks

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    Default Bandwidth limits for various networks


    I am looking to implement this scenario within the next few weeks and i just wondered if anyone had any experience or tips/ideas on it.

    I am going to have a site which will contain different clients all of whom are not related in any way, but will require internet access etc... They will all be in plug and play offices whereby they connect up to the nearest ethernet port in their office and are dropped onto their own VLAN which will provide them with DHCP and routing out the internet, through a Check Point.

    Each client will be charged for bandwidth, for instance most will pay for 2Mbps - i was hoping that by defining their network on the Check Point, i could utilise QoS to limit all services to them and from them out to the internet. However...

    I want to make certain that the internetwork traffic is not limited, only traffic bound for the internet and from the internet, i want local traffic to be untouched.

    I will upload a pic of the QoS configuration i have thought of, i just wondered if people have some practical advice on the subject?


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    Default Re: Bandwidth limits for various networks

    In such scenario, you need to set limit rules per existing subnet from which DHCP scopes are taken. Each subnet will represent a certain level of service that you translate into a per-connection bandwidth limit. It should get the job done. To make sure this limitation does not impact your internal to internal networks, just apply the QoS to the external interfaces only or create bypass rules for the internal to internal traffic (1st solution is recommended).

    Just recall that QoS-1 is pretty much dying : It will deactivate CoreXL / SecureXL on your gateway so make sure the performance is sufficient for your needs.

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