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Thread: Upgrade_export problem for upgrading from R70 to R75

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    Default Upgrade_export problem for upgrading from R70 to R75

    I would like to upgrade my R70 SPLAT standalone boxes to R75.20 standalone boxes (with clean install). First i guess i have to upgrade to
    R75 then use the R75.20 upgrade package to upgrade the box. I copied the R75 migration tools i downloaded from Checkpoint web site
    to the /var/x/y partion of the gateway i will reinstall and upgrade . I try to use the command ./upgrade_export filename from the migration tools but no output file is created as get on the operating Firewalls $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/upgrade_export but get an message with some errors and a log file which includes many entiries. Using pre_upgrade verifier utility i get now no error accept a message which says
    Software Blade license is required.

    What can be the problem i have with getting an export file?

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    Default Re: Upgrade_export problem for upgrading from R70 to R75

    Perhaps others will comment further, but below are some possibilites that come to mind:
    - Upgrade path to R75 is via R71.x, unsure if this also applied to export tool compatibility aswell.
    - Software blade licenses are compatible with R70.x and above, try applying these first?

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