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Thread: R71 to R80.20 Upgrade Path

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    Default R71 to R80.20 Upgrade Path

    I have been asked to research into upgrading R71 server and clients to R80.20 and as far as I am aware, there is no direct upgrade for the server component,but the R71 client can be upgraded, is this correct?

    Any help greatly appreciated as I have no knowledge of checkpoint products,

    many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: R71 to R80.20 Upgrade Path

    The server needs to be built from scratch and recreate the policies. the client needs to be deployed using the legacy upgrade passwords as well. Its all in the admin guide and sk articles. you can also port the existing media keys to the new server.

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    Default Re: R71 to R80.20 Upgrade Path

    The new E80.30 can be upgraded from the R73 release.

    You may find it easier to upgrade from R71 to R73 and then from the R73 to the E80.30 release, if you haven't already started as I saw that the original thread started in September.

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