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Thread: Failed in CCSE R71

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    Default Failed in CCSE R71

    Today, I took R71 CCSE but dint get through. I followed the R70 course ware and practice exams in CP site.
    Few questions were tricky,need to spend more time on small things in GUI.
    The main reason for failure is the topic DLP !!! This is not available in R70 course ware and I had no idea about DLP.
    if any body has any material for DLP, pls do provide me the same.
    No worries I will again give a try in a week are so.

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    Default Re: Failed in CCSE R71

    My advise to you would be

    To clear CCSE R71 all you need to study all the checkpoint documentation provided by checkpoint, i did the same for a very long time and i did clear with 84 % of marks.

    CCSE R71

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    Default Re: Failed in CCSE R71

    Install the R71 SmartConsole on your computer and run it in Demo mode. You can then play around with DLP to your hearts content.
    Check Points DLP is much simpler than it first appears.

    Good luck with your next attempt.

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