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Thread: R71 VE Install Problems

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    Default R71 VE Install Problems

    Evidently, I must be doing something wrong. I've tried deploying the R71 VE OVF template three times. I've gone step by step through the Admin guide, but I always get tripped up on page 16 of the guide, "Mapping Interfaces".

    I think I get the ESX Management, Check Point Management, and Sync networks configured correctly, but the CP Reserved interface is where I'm confused. The docs say "Do not change the default value assigned by the ESX host. The destination network is assigned automatically." Well, the assigned network is the same Management network as is on eth0 and eth1??

    Plus, I never see _cp_private vSwitch or port group get created. I know I'm doing something wrong here, but just don't know what. Am I responsible for creating a new network for the CP Reserved interface or what?

    We are running this on ESXi 4.1 and have R75 management. Thanks for any assistance!

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    Default Re: R71 VE Install Problems

    Hello jsanders,

    I've got the VE to install successfully on ESXi 4.1 - and yes - it should create a private network. It is pretty straight forward - however, I think there are better solutions out there unless the environment where ESXi is does not require much throughput.

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    Install should create the cp_private switch. Are you attaching the VE to a distributed switch by chance?
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