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Thread: Rename Interfaces on R75 SecurePlatform

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    Default Rename Interfaces on R75 SecurePlatform

    Hi, Ive installed R75 with SecurePlatform but want to rename the interfaces to sensible names likes, Lan1, Lan2, Local, Remote etc.

    I though because secureplatform is based on Linux I'd be able to use the 'vi' editor to modify the appropriate 'etc' file.

    However it dosent seem to recognise the 'vi' command.

    I used Check_Point_R75.Splat.iso as the installation media. Can anyone tell me how to modify the interface names please.

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    Default Re: Rename Interfaces on R75 SecurePlatform

    try entering expert mode first before running native linux commands
    type expert after login.

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