Passed with 73%, not a flashy result, but it will do for the next 3-4 years ;-)

I used:
Official checkpoint R65->R71 upgrade courseware and Labs (bought by my employer :-)
A simple R71 setup in VMWare (management R71 server, R71 cluster, 2 XP workstations)
Following Checkpoint Admin docos/admin guides: ClusterXL, DLP, AdvancedRoutingSuite, FirewallAdminGuide, IPS, PerformancePack, SmartProvisioning, SmartWorkflow, SSLVPN, SmartEvent, SmartReporter
4 Practice exams (downloadable from CP web site)
about 2 weeks of my time :-)

I have been working with Checkpoint since version 4.0, so I found all CLI questions quite easy. It was worse with the new R71 products that I did not have much production experience with: DLP, SmartProvisioning, SSL VPN.

My opinion is that using ONLY the official CP courseware and the labs is not enough to pass the exam, so don't be stressed if you can't afford it due to a high price tag. There were few exam questions not covered in the courseware at all. You will do much better if you read and understood the CP admin guides mentioned above and play with R71 in VMware.

Good luck everyone