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Thread: CCMSE - ROI considerations

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    Default CCMSE - ROI considerations

    Just received CCSE R70 and am considering studying for CCMSE. I found CCSA exam much more difficult than CCSE, might be because CCSA is more checkpoint-specific (licences, upgrade), and the CCSE requirements cover topics that a network/security person should already understand (VPN, QoS, clustering, routing etc).

    I've gone through some 2000 pages of r70 and R71 docs, and practiced with vmware (including,QoS, provisioning, Management HA, Clustering, VPN, Eventia Suite). Now when I'm looking at the P-1 documentation (admin and install guides), having some 300 pages in total, plus the current CP knowledge, I would think the CCMSE requires less effort (relatively to CCSA, CCSE). On the other hand, what is the actual ROI? Does it make sense? Maybe it's better to upgrade my CCNA to CCNP, and then target CCSIP (which is my plan anyway)?

    Also, has anyone experience in practicing P-1 with Vmware (performance issues)? I have 3 GB RAM and quad-core 2,2 GHz.

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