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Thread: BOOTP Drop

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    Default BOOTP Drop

    I have an odd situation, apparently with IPS. I have an open ticket with CP, but no resolution yet. I get this error for one remote router only. Any chance anyone has seen this before?

    ;[cpu_0];fw_log_drop: Packet proto=17 10.x.y.z:67 -> 10.x.a.b:67 dropped by fwpslglue_chain Reason: PSL Drop: ASPII_MT;

    It is a DHCP request from the remote router and tracker shows the packet accepted, but then it gets dropped in the ASPII mod.

    I have tried - updating defs, creating a new IPS profile and applying, creating a custom service, creating a network exception in IPS - all with no result.

    I have hundreds of other sites that get DHCP no problem, just this one site is getting dropped. The remote routers are configured as DHCP relay so the CP is just passing the traffic along.

    Thanks for any input.


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    This is resolved. It turned out to be a corrput IPS profile. Thanks.

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    I am having the exact same issue and I wasn't able to resolve it by turning off the IPS.

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