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Thread: Installing strace RPM on SecurePlatform?

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    Default Installing strace RPM on SecurePlatform?

    Anyone have a good process for this? I'm in dependency hell.

    SecurePlatform R71, 2.6.18-92cp #1 SMP

    I'm just hunting them down one at a time right now, and crossing my fingers that I get to the end of the dependency tree shortly.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    Default Re: Installing strace RPM on SecurePlatform?

    Hi cephalon,

    strace from CentOS 3.8 should work fine. You can find it here.

    Check Point is still using glibc 2.3.2 based on RHEL3.x. R65 SPLAT 2.6 and R70+ is using kernel 2.6.18 based on RHEL5.2, but the glibc is still the same.

    I compiled some additional tools statically, which weren't available for RHEL3.x/CentOS3.x and would have required additional libraries. For this purpose you can use CentOS 3.8 as a build host.
    Best regards,

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