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Thread: Failed - annoyed

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    Default Failed - annoyed

    Having started vpn tu which option deletes an IKE tunnel for a particular user:
    a) Delete IKE and IPSEC SA for a given peer
    b) Delete IKE and IPSEC SA for a given peer
    c) Delate all.....
    d) Delete all.....

    TWO correct answers :-(

    Had another weird one on control connections - are they

    a) Encrypted by the community in all cases (NO)
    b) Encrypted by the community only if the gateway is in the community (NO)
    c) Not encrypted, only authenticated (NO)
    d) Encrypted by SIC if redundant SIC is bypassed


    I got the "which mac address is the active member of the cluster" as well but I'll reply on the relevant thread.

    Also had a cluster diagram with IPs with typos in the IP addresses :-( Answer seemed to be obvious as there was an IP conflict between the Smartcenter and the Internal Network VIP on the cluster, but the diagram was no help, just a hindrance.

    I nailed the equivalent R60 exam with a mid 90s pass mark but I'd forgotten how badly worded CP exams are and didn't spend enough time remembering what it was CP want you to answer with.

    Trying again in a couple of weeks, should make it now I know what to study on.

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    Default Re: Failed - annoyed

    Don't get annoyed due to certs failure, make sure you should have good practical knowledge of the product, you can clear the certs by cramming as well, so certs are not big deal ;)

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    Default Re: Failed - annoyed

    I'm schedule to take the exam today.

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