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Thread: Migrating from Local to Central licenses

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    Default Migrating from Local to Central licenses

    I manage a number of firewalls in an R65 Provider-1 environment. I am in the process of migrating from local to central licenses. In the P-1 GUI I have Customer Superuser privs so I can see all of the licenses in the repository through SmartUpdate. When I do this I see that there are a large number of unattached licenses.

    Is there a flat file somewhere on the P-1 I can pull off to munge the info as I need to and get the correct users involved to either delete licenses or get them attached correctly. If not, is there some way I can export the data so that I can do this? I thought cplic db_print -all might work, but I get back "Operation failed. Failed to connect to database"

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    Default Re: Migrating from Local to Central licenses

    Don't know if P-1 on R65 was anything like MDS on R80.x, but on R80.40 I have to switch to a specific domain with mdsenv before I can successfully run cplic db_print -all.
    And I don't need to on R81.10 EA, cplic db_print -all will work right away after login.

    Yeah I know I'm answering a 10+ years old thread, but it's never too late for an tentative explanation, and this might still help someone 10 year from now, who knows. :)
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