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Thread: Sun 420R , 5.8 and R55 , performance / throughput

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    Default Sun 420R , 5.8 and R55 , performance / throughput

    Hi all
    For an customer still running "Sun 420R , 5.8 and R55 , performance / throughput" i'm looking for the old perfomance notes for the Sparc plattform from Check Point Software: Check Point Software: OPSEC<.
    Just want to show the "BIG" benefit of going to SPLAT.


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    Default Re: Sun 420R , 5.8 and R55 , performance / throughput

    Their motivator is here:
    Check Point Enterprise Software Support Timeline

    They are quite quite unsupported. This means Check Point TAC, and to be frank, any Check Point support providers, are within their rights to either reject their support requests, or provide only a partial support service.

    If they don't upgrade, they are idiots.

    You could FUD them with the Oracle acquisition if you were feeling sneaky also.
    Mr Snakey
    Remember: Speculation does no-one any good.
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    Default Re: Sun 420R , 5.8 and R55 , performance / throughput

    Thanks. It's not hard to convince them, more a curiosity question.
    What was the Performance of the current R420 supposed to be ?

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