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I'd like to thank everyone involved for making "The CPUG Challenge" a great success.
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Thread: cpinfo (E:0101): No Checkpoint product on this machine

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    Default cpinfo (E:0101): No Checkpoint product on this machine

    Anyone seen this before? I have a client run through sk30567 installing the Solaris package but getting this message on both management and firewalls.

    # ./cpinfo

    ************************************************** **********************

    Check Point Support Information.

    CPinfo 5.0 Build 911000073

    (Last Mod.: Mar 2 2009 15:01:29)

    When needed, you will be asked to send the output of this program to


    ************************************************** **********************

    cpinfo (E:0101): No Checkpoint product on this machine

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    Default Re: cpinfo (E:0101): No Checkpoint product on this machine

    I am having this same issue. Can someone assist please?

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