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Thread: UTM-1 Edge packet loss when cent. mgt.

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    Default UTM-1 Edge packet loss when cent. mgt.

    I am installing two new UTM-1 Edge W appliances for remote employees. I have a problem with dropped packets when connected to the management server.

    The firmware is 8.0.42x. The management server is NGX R60 HFA_02. I have tried both fixed and dynamic IP addresses with similar results.

    If I configure the appliance as an externally managed device and manually configure the VPN on both ends, it works. I set up an extended ping session with zero packet loss.

    When I connect the appliance to the Smartmanagement server, configure the VPN centrally, that same ping session has from 20 percent to 60 percent packet loss. I confirmed that I was connected to the management server by verifying the signature of the CA. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: UTM-1 Edge packet loss when cent. mgt.

    Check the policy that you are assigning centrally to the Edges. There are notes in the FAQ about the use of groups. This may be having an impact.

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