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Thread: Traffic Capture

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    Default Traffic Capture

    Hi to all,

    Hi have 2 Directors 5016-NE1 and 2 Accelarators 6416, i need to capture traffic using tcpdump, fwmonitor whathever, can someone help me.

    I have shutdown 1 director and 1 accelerator to force the traffic going to only one director. I access the serial port via root and run a tcpdump and a fwmonitor but cannot see all the traffic (I now this beacause i have a pc connected to a port mirror).

    Additionaly i have disable fwaccell and run it again without success.

    Question, when I need to capture traffic, it must be on the Director or on the Accelarator ? I think is in the Director right ?


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    You can use following example for capturing info :

    Login as root and run the following commands:

    For any particular port :

    ascpature -f "port 4404" -p 1
    -f is filter and -p is physical port on accelerator.

    ascpature -f "host" -p 1

    Fwmonitor :

    fw monitor -e 'accept ((src=;'

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    Default Re: Traffic Capture

    tcpdump sometime doesn't work here

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