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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E


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Thread: Confwiz tool - Migrate configuration from Cisco Pix to Checkpoint

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    Default Confwiz tool - Migrate configuration from Cisco Pix to Checkpoint

    Maybe old news for some, but anyway...



    Migration from existing Security Appliances to Check Point

    Migrating from one firewall vendor to another can be a huge undertaking, requiring hours of tedious access rule rewriting. This is a challenging job, especially in the case of Cisco to Check Point firewall migration because of the major difference in the firewall design. For example, Cisco rules are installed per interface, whereas Check Point Security rules are defined globally, and are not bound to any specific firewall interface. The conversion is not a one-click process, but the Check Point Confwiz tool makes it easier to perform such a conversion.

    Mass Manipulation on Check Point Security Configurations

    In a large database, making similar changes to many objects can be a very time consuming, error prone and tedious task. Check Point Confwiz makes it possible to avoid object-by object changes, by performing mass manipulation, generation, or deletion of objects in the Check Point database.

    Intuitive UI and In-Depth Conversion Reports

    Easy to use UI for migration and manipulation operations.


    Check Point Supported Platforms:

    * SmartCenter NGX R65 and NGX R65 HFA_40 on SecurePlatform, Windows and Solaris

    * Provider-1/SiteManager-1 CMA NGX R65 and NGX R65 HFA_40 on SecurePlatform, Windows and Solaris

    Cisco Supported Platforms:

    * Firewall Services Module (FWSM) 2.3

    * PIX 6.3

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    Default Re: Confwiz tool - Migrate configuration from Cisco Pix to Checkpoint

    I saw that too this AM

    seems VERY interesting, especially the massive object manipulation object feature.

    Can't wait to see how reliable this XML export and re-importing tool is though...I'll be benching this in our labs for sure

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    Default Re: Confwiz tool - Migrate configuration from Cisco Pix to Checkpoint

    let us all know your results please

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    Default Re: Confwiz tool - Migrate configuration from Cisco Pix to Checkpoint

    Question to phoneboy:


    I've heard about you a lot and to be honest I won't waste you time bugging you about stuff I can discover myself however there is one thing I'd deeply appreciate if you have it somewhere handy as I'm little bit stuck with one of my customers who demand PRESENTATION from me which compare PIX to CP NGX (at any sort) to be done in a simple, not-very-technically prepared manner. I'm looking everywhere but can't find really something useful and I found you on CPUG.OGR where I'm actively a member since a long long time but ... no time lately to post anything. I will post that as well there but 1st I wanted to ask you:

    - have you got by any chance some sort of quick presentation of "WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between the CISCO PIX and CHECKPOINT FW ? of course it's about PIXOS not IOS+AMP as these days developed and it's also version agnostic and I do not need to pitch particular build of OS at all - just GENERAL IDIOT-PROF slides which explains as much "sales-talk" as possible what would be a point to upgrade Cisco PIX to CP NGX.

    I'd extremely appreciate your help



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