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Thread: Getting error via connecting Nortel Client on R65

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    Default Getting error via connecting Nortel Client on R65

    Previously I was using R55 on NSF 6416, recently I have upgraded from R55 to R65 with HFA40. After the upgradation one of my project is not able to connect costomer via Nortel VPN clinet. In traker I am getting the reverse traffic from customer VPN gateway(Cisco) IP on port 50 which is getting drop on my side.

    It was working without any issue before upgradation.

    Any one can suggest me how to resolve this.

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    Default Re: Getting error via connecting Nortel Client on R65

    Try an allow rule:

    Source: <VPN Gateway IP>
    Destination: <Host IP>
    Service: IPSEC group
    Its all in the documentation.

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