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Thread: "Bad certificate chain in response" while complete a cert-request

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    Default "Bad certificate chain in response" while complete a cert-request


    I want to complete the installation of a 3rd party SSL-certificate, but the installation of the cert from the CA failed with "Bad certificate chain in response"

    System: UTM-1 Version: NGX (R65) HFA_25 (Hotfix 603)

    I started with importing the CA-root-certificate as a OPSEC PKI CA-certificate and Add a new certificate in VPN section, selecting the new CA-cert as the root.

    The request was fine and the CA sign the request normally.

    But trying to install the certificate failed.

    Any ideas??


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    Default Re: "Bad certificate chain in response" while complete a cert-request

    Well, working with R75 and Microsoft Windows 2008 CA had the same problem... small investingation in google and secure knoledge didn't came up with more information.

    After starting debug on the managment ( fw debug fwm on TD_ERROR_ALL_ALL=5) and investigating the fw management log manage to locate the problem and it's all about time zone problem between the CA and the managment server. The message "Bad certificate chain in the response" doesnt suite the problem at all. in the debug log you can see the exact message which in my case was "The certificate is not valid yet".

    Good Luck!!

    Itzik Sharon,
    Security Expert

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    Default Re: "Bad certificate chain in response" while complete a cert-request

    I've seen this exact issue during one of the CCSE R75 labs that involves enrolling Microsoft certificates for a site-to-site VPN. Check your system time and date on both your SmartCenter Server and Microsoft server, they are likely off by a fair amount.

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    Default Re: "Bad certificate chain in response" while complete a cert-request

    Please also check the algorithm used by the certificate except the date time. Some old security management server support SHA-1 certificate only, if you use SHA-256 certificate, you will got the same error.

    You will find the error message below in the debug output.

    fw_VerifySigned: unsupported algorithm
    fwCert_ValCerts: Certificate is badly signed.
    DoFinishEnrollmentByResponseChain: failed to validate chain path / signature. Certificate is badly signed.
    fwm_set_pki_host_cert: FinishEnrollmentByResponseChain returned with error ='Bad certificate chain in the response.'

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