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Thread: paloaltonetworks AppID Firewall

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    Default paloaltonetworks AppID Firewall

    Anyone have any experience with http://www.paloaltonetworks.com I've seen a couple of demos now (haven't tried it hands on yet) and looks fairly impressive. Using application identification versus standard port/protocol for firewall rules. Along with an AD component that continually updates a user database on the firewall that contains active directory account name and ip combos. So no matter which machine you log into, you get the same firewall rules based on your AD account.

    The idea being, for your general static type firewall rules for business applications, you configure that as you would on a normal firewall. But for your user based rules that might normally require a user to have a static ip, it removes the need for that. Also has url filtering and IPS functionality and some DLP technology. It's designed to be a full firewall replacement. It can also do man in the middle SSL decryption so if anyone on your network tries tunneling apps through SSL to get around security policies, then it can decrypt the SSL and determine based on the app signature if the user should be allowed or not. An example is you could allow joeuser to facebook. The rule would be listed out that way, no IP's or ports to configure.

    Pretty interesting.
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