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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E


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Thread: Updated exams v1.1

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    Default Updated exams v1.1

    for anyone who is planning to take the NGX exams they are being updated to 1.1


    Last day for registration is May 6th.

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    Default Re: Updated exams v1.1

    Just curious, why those exams will not be available after May 6? Will Check Point replace those with new and improve exam? Or they will not provide those exams on Pearson VUE anymore...?
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    Default Re: Updated exams v1.1

    on that link it states the last day available to take the 156-215 and 156-315 is May 6th. Does that mean that is the last day they are available or the last day you can register. I would think last day available but if I go to pearsonvue's site it will allow me to register for the 156-315 (older version, not 1.1) for any day in May. I have called the testing center and they said if it allows me to register it will be available but they did not sound very sure of themselves. Anyone know for sure? I never get email replies from any email address (certification address or any other) from checkpoint so I am not even gonna bother trying that.

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