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Tim Hall has done it again! He has just released the 2nd edition of "Max Power".
Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post.
It's a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out. -E



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    Re: tcpdump not matching what my sniffer sees

    Yep it will probably discard the DSCP(diffserv) values if you don't trust it. CoS is only applicable if its a trunk (layer2) , ToS is layer3 and I assume you saw ToS values in the ip header when you...
  2. Re: Possible "Manage Administrators" Bug for R75, R75.10, R75.30


    I can confirm, after upgrading a provider-1 from 75.10 to 75.20 I get similar problems as you, failed to save object firewall_properties ..more specifically admin_lock_after_bad_attempt.
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    Binary data in the cpd.elg


    Ive seen this a few times now on some UTM-1 R75 gateways.

    The load of the gateways goes up from a normal 5-10% to 60% ish.. if you log in and see the cause its cpd and cpd also spawns...
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