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Tim Hall has done it again! He has just released the 2nd edition of "Max Power".
Rather than get into details here, I urge you to check out this announcement post.
It's a massive upgrade, and well worth checking out. -E



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  1. Re: ABRA/GO Administrator Password lost - Upgrade not possible

    Hi "Winger29",

    the same issue i get also with the latest R75HFA01 Updater. The .exe Updater doesn't work (... you use the wrong updater, please call support ...) but the Customizing Tool works...
  2. Re: ABRA/GO Administrator Password lost - Upgrade not possible


    meanwhile, an Check Point Presales Engineer format the ABRA/Go Sticks.
    They used an special internal Check Point Tool for it - the normal Way
    via advanced an so on request the Admin Password...
  3. Re: ABRA/GO Administrator Password lost - Upgrade not possible

    Hi Phone Boy,

    is the Metal Version of the ABRA/Go Stick -> see Picture


  4. ABRA/GO Administrator Password lost - Upgrade not possible

    Hi all,

    i lost the Admin and User Password for an ABRA/GO USB Stick !
    Remote Password is disabled, so no Way to reset the Password
    via official "supportet" Way.

    So i try different Abra/Go...
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    Re: Endpoint Security Licensing for R70.4

    Hi "biglouie2010",

    you should have additionaly a "CPEP-C1-1TO100" License . Do you see this in your Usercenter Account ? If so, you must "bind" the "CPSB-EP-VPN" Licenses to this container. After...
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    Re: No Contract Coverage issue

    Hi "weiser",

    in some cases the generation of the Contract File inside the Usercenter failed (i think
    in most cases, it is an Problem with the internal Usercenter Database of Check Point)
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    Re: R70 "Free Upgrade" Check Point Promo Discussion

    Hi Derek,

    for CPVP-VMC-25-NGX you get following License via Free Upgrade:

    CPEP-C1-VPN-F-VSC-25 !

    Some License Upgrades are not possible to manual "self" Upgrade
    via Usercenter. This...
  8. Re: What is the difference between CheckPoint UTM 572 vs UTM 574 ?

    Hi rockcp32,

    the UTM-1 572 includes FW+VPN Blade and NPM (Network Policy Management) +LOGS+EPM (Endpoint Manangement) Blades
    the UTM-1 574 includes additionally the IA (Identiy Awareney) and APCL...
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