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    Re: HTTPS Inspection-Certificate Question

    The way I have implemented is to add the self-signed cert generated by the CMA to the trusted CAs list across your internal infrastructure.

    I dont know how a third party SSL would work, as I would...
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    Re: Could not connect to Monitoring blade

    Do you have a license for the monitoring blade? I have a feeling that this is an added extra, rather than being included by default. I remember seeing a similar problem to this before hand and this...
  3. Re: Problem with sending client certificate emails

    This may sound a bit trivial and I am sure you would have checked this but....

    .... is there a firewall in between the management server and the mail server that could be blocking this? Have you...
  4. Re: IPSEC VPN tunnel problem between checkpoint and Juniper Gateway

    In regards to the Check Point supernet issue there is a work around that you can do without editing the user.def files which I discovered when I was having a similar issue.

    If you have a number of...
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    Re: How to wipe appliance HDD

    Hi there,

    Are the HDDs in the appliance faulty or does the fault lie somewhere else?

    If you are sending the appliance back due to some sort of hardware fault, in theory I cannot see any reason...
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    Re: Broadcast & Noisy traffic rules

    Hello CiscoGuy!

    I am no expert and do not claim this to be best practice but what I have configured on our firewalls is as follows (these rules are located just above the cleanup).

  7. Re: Restrict r/w admin access from specific location

    Will the r/w admin account be connecting from the same machine/laptop, or are you trying to prevent them from connecting say from a home machine?

    If they are using a different laptop, you could...
  8. Re: R77.10 VSX Virtual System / network configuration

    As mcnallym said I do not believe there are any individual settings for DNS.

    As far as I know, all queries to DNS, LDAP, RADIUS, etc. are made from VS0. Something to worth bearing in mind.

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    Re: 3rd Party SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

    Hi avdonzzz,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Are you able to elaborate a bit for me?

    What do you mean by preparing the cert 1 month prior to expiration?

    I was under the impression that you cannot...
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    Re: SNX problem in R77.10

    Hi xavmoss,

    We ran into a similar issue around about the same time we applied our R77.10 update.

    The issue turned out to be a Java/ActiveX issue in the end. The release of Java 7u51 coincided...
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    3rd Party SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

    Hi all,

    This is my first post, so I would just like to say hello! I have been keeping an eye on these forums for a good year or so, but have not had the knowledge to help / the need to ask for...
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